MOSS HIE Key Characteristics

Low-cost: Our core open source infrastructure software is free. The portal solution that sits on top of the infrastructure is provided at a variable cost that is based on the number of clinical groupware components that are used. Our pricing model is flexible as our customers may pay up front for an enterprise license plus annual support or pay on a monthly subscription basis. Consulting services are charged on a time and materials basis.

Trusted Interoperability: Since all PHI transactions in the MOSS HIE Platform are encrypted, audited and use certified XML payloads, the clinical data exchange is trusted.

Rapid Deployment: The platform is designed for rapid deployment, which not only benefits the participants in the Health Information Organization but also the system integrators. As the solution is standards-based and all its open source core components are tested in Connectathon, the deployment is quick and efficient.

Scale “Everywhere”: It provides highly scalable and high-performance architecture to aggregate patient clinical data from a variety of sources to achieve a longitudinal patient record. It can provide an affordable entry point for an Independent Provider Association (IPA) or handle thousands of simultaneous users and millions of patients for a state-wide HIE. Both central and federated data are supported.

Content Agnostic: Any document that can be submitted to an XDS repository can be stored in the HIE. The portal can be easily extended to display any document format type (e.g., CCD, XML, HL7, DICOM) or attachment (e.g., PDF, RTF, ASCII).