MOSS HIE Key Components

Governance and Privacy Consulting Services: Industry experts will work with your community stakeholders to establish a formal governance framework and roadmap based on its definition of success.

Unique Patient Identification: This component provides IHE PIX/PDQ profile implementation for matching patient records across multiple systems. Working with our community partners, we now offer an modular open source eMPI functionality.

Clinical Document Display: The IHE profile implementation of XDS Registry and Repository provides document storage and retrieval, with robust replacement, addendum, translation (e.g., across languages) and history transactions.

e-Rx Integration: A deep integration with ePrescribing, including single sign-on (SSO) and patient-in-context, make writing prescriptions fast and high-value.

Policy Engine: It manages and enforces user authorization across the whole system while maintaining compliant with HIPAA and other regulatory rules. It enforces opt-in/opt-out, Basic Patient Privacy and Consent (BPPC IHE profile), and other governance rules.

Audit trial: In addition to what is required by the IHE profile implementation of Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA), a full audit trail is maintained for both clinical and administrative users. A full-featured, open source reporting tool makes auditing easy, precise, and comprehensive.

Secure Messaging: State-of-the-art security is utilized at every step of processing, storing, and displaying data to ensure only authenticated users can view critical PHI. These include TLS (transport layer security), SSL (secure socket layer), and PKI (public key infrastructure).